NESU Conference is a biannual event that brings together nordic business students to network, test their know-how in real caseworks and have fun with various activities!

This spring the honor of hosting the conference goes to

Joensuu & Jyväskylä

Interested yet unsure?

Q & A

NESU Conference is a seven days long conference that gathers 60 business students and several companies all together to challenge themselves with a chosen theme. This autumn’s the theme will be “UNLEASHING BRILLIANCE – FROM INNOVATION TO SUCCESS”.

The week consists of four business cases providing solutions for real companies’ specific issues. As a counterbalance to the day program there is of course evening program to network with new and old friends. The week climaxes with a grand gala on Saturday and a farewell gathering on Sunday.

Our organizing team is so excited to have your company as our partner! This page is directed at participants, so be sure to check our PARTNERS page for more information about collaboration.

You can participate if you are a student at your local business school. If there is a NESU organization in your city of studies, you are automatically accepted as a member of NESU. You don’t need to have a NESU organization to participate.

Unfortunately, students from University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu campus and University of Jyväskylä can only participate if there are places available after applicants from other cities are chosen.

There are plenty of reasons why you should participate, but here are few for starters:

1. The day programs will enable your to challenge your know-how and work together with business students with different majors. Besides, you get to network with the company representatives and wow them with your skills!

2. The week is littered with fun activities! We promise you the week will be worth every penny, and you will have several new friends all around the different NESU countries.

3. The week is like no other event you’ve experienced before! You get to live in a Semma-bubble and enjoy the atmosphere 24/7. You will spend most of your time with new and old friends, which any other event for business students doesn’t enable.

The application period starts on the 22nd of  January and ends on the 11th of February 2024. You have a week to write your best motivation letter to introduce yourself and show why you should be chosen to join the conference as a participant.

In the motivation letter, you should describe why you want to join the conference. We would also love to hear what makes you the most excited about the theme and week!

Fill out the application form first with your basic information. Then, you will need to attach your motivational letter. 

Here are some tips and tricks for it:

1. Write your letter in English. The official language of NESU Conference is English.

2. Tell us about yourself. What is your name, where do you come from and what makes you unique?

3. Tell us, what interests you in our theme. Our theme is “UNLEASHING BRILLIANCE – FROM INNOVATION TO SUCCESS”. If you are not really sure what that means, additional information can be found on our main page and Instagram posts.

4. Tell us if you have any NESU experience. If you don’t have any, tell us what made you interested to participate to this conference. Remember, that you don’t need to have any prior experience to apply!

5. Lastly, the most important part, let your excitement show! 

Good luck to the application process!

Yes, the application is binding.

The participants are chosen based on their motivation letters. The organizing team will read anonymous versions of the letters and choose the participants with democracy. Gender and student association may also influence the choices to divide participants smoothly into hotel rooms.

The participation fee includes accommodation, breakfast, common transportation, evening program activities and the grand gala. The participating fee is 230€.

Processing the applications takes our team a few days. Keep an eye on our socials and wait for us to send you an email regarding your participation. Check your spam. Every applicant will recieve an e-mail after the application period has ended – regardless if they were accepted or not. If you are wondering that your application got lost somewhere, contact [email protected] as soon as possible.

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