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NESU Conference is a seven days long conference that gathers 60 business students and several companies all together to challenge themselves with a chosen theme. This autumn the theme will be Shaping Responsible Business.

The week consists of four business cases providing solutions for real companies’ specific issues. As a counterbalance to the day program there is of course evening program to network with new and old friends. The week climaxes with a grand gala on Saturday and a farewell gathering on Sunday.

You can participate if you are a student at your local business school and a member of your local NESU organization. If there is a NESU organization in your city of studies, you are automatically accepted as a member of NESU.

Unfortunately, students of Oulu Business School and members of NESU-Finanssi can only participate if there are places available after applicants from other cities are chosen.

There are at least million reasons why you should participate, but here are few for starters:

  1. You get to learn a lot about the theme through the real life company cases. You also get to connect with the company representatives.
  2. You get to network and have fun with the other business students. After the week you have several new friends all around the different NESU countries.
  3. NESU Conference is the best time of a human being’s life.

The application period starts on the 28th of September and ends on the 11th of October. You have two weeks to write your best motivation letter in order to convince us to choose you as a participant.

The application is binding from the moment you get your acceptance letter. Acceptance letters will be sent as soon as the participants are chosen.

The participants are chosen based on their motivation letters. The organizing team will read anonymous versions of the letters and choose the participants with democracy.

If you are chosen to be a participant you will get an acceptance letter. Acceptance letters will be sent as soon as the participants are chosen, usually 1-2 days after the application period has ended.

The participating fee is 220€ and 170€ for non-Finnish newcomers. The fee includes accommodation, breakfast, common transportation, evening program activities and the grand gala.

Usually the accommodation is organized in a low-budget hotel. However, in this autumn’s conference the accommodation will be quite special. In Oulu the participants get to stay in a cottage apartment village. Every apartment has beds, bathroom and kitchen.