With heavy hearts we have to make an unfortunate announcement. NESU Autumun Conference 2020 will not take place as a week long conference in Oulu.

Our organizing team together with NESU president and country representatives have made this decision due to the unstable situation conserning the COVID-19 pandemic. The theme of the conference is responsibility and that is also the principle we have followed while making this decision.

However, we don’t want to forget the whole conference week. At the moment we are considering different options to honour and celebrate the tradition safely. Please stay tuned!

Welcome to Oulu!

We have the honor to organize the 52nd NESU Conference with the theme of Shaping Responsible Business.

Corporate Social Responsibility becomes more and more important day by day. It is a concept that resonates with every single organization in their everyday lives. It is a concept that should be considered throughout the actions of accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing. To encourage all the business students to internalize the CSR thinking into their mindsets and to prepare them for the future economical, environmental and social challenges, we decided to set a challenge called Shaping Responsible Business.

In order to organize the best Shaping Responsible Business challenge ever, we are gathering together

60 business students

from 16 business schools in three Nordic countries - Estonia, Finland and Iceland.

4 companies

with real life business cases concerning CSR that need to be solved.

Be ready

The application period starts on 28th of September. In the meantime, follow the links down below and get excited.