Theme of the Autumn Conference 2019

In the fall of 2019, it is once again time for the NESU Conference to conquer the city of Tampere! This time the theme of the conference revolves around retail businesses and the revival of their strategies. While online shopping flourishes worldwide, some of the traditional retail companies are struggling to adapt to this new order. 

At the same time, many retail stores are discovering new ways to conform with changing environment. Technological discoveries have brought up completely new strategies for retail companies, but at the same time more and more competitors are reaching for the Nordic customer base. Competition has shifted from local to worldwide and customers can reach every store with couple clicks.

During the week, the participants are going to solve variable business cases related to the theme. Business students around the Nordic countries will put their knowledge gathered from lecture halls to test, while learning important workplace skills. Our wonderful partners are going to offer the participants unforgettable day programs that will definitely beat the sometimes long and sufferable lectures.

While the conference is all about learning new skills during the cases, it is also as important to meet new people and create lifelong friendships. During the evening programs, the participants are going to meet plenty of new faces, while attending varying events. Many people have said that their best friends from student life have been from the conferences.

Remember to apply! More information about applying coming soon.