Organizing Team

Say hello to the Organizing Team!

Here you can see all the organizers of the spring conference which will be held in Turku. Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail (


Head Organizers

Timi Lantela
Petteri Hyppänen

“We are Timi & Petteri, the Head Organizers of NESU Spring Conference 2019. NESU has played an important role in our student life from the beginning, and it is a huge honor to finally have a change to organize a conference in Turku. As head organizers our main responsibility is to lead our talented team of eleven in creation of an unforgettable week. We can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve been working on, and hope to see everyone in Turku next March!”

Day Program 

Sandra Saranpää
Linda Martin
Suvi Soukainen

”We are Sandra, Linda and Suvi, the ones organizing the day program. We make sure that your week will be memorable and full of inspiring case works and speeches from our partners of NESU Spring Conference 2019. See you in Turku!”


The Gala Team

Iines Pusa
Saara Sahinoja

”Hello Nesu people all around the world! We are Iines and Saara, the team organizing the week-crowning Gala. At the Gala, you will get to glam up and celebrate with your new nesuit-friends. Our team makes sure that your seminar week will get the best ending possible! ❤️”

Evening Program 

Olga Lipasti
Helga Rissanen

”We are Olga and Helga, also known as the evening program team. We will make sure you will have the time of your lives every night during the conference week. Prepare yourselves, and see you in March!”



Atte Sahla
Sofia Utriainen

”Hi you all nesuits out there! We are Atte and Sofia, responsible for the finances and corporate relations of the NESU Spring Conference 2019! We are so excited to see you all in a couple of months! As you can see, Atte is already practising for the City Run 😎”

Marketing Team

Henna Saramola
Joona Uusitalo

”Hello NESU people! We are Henna and Joona and we are responsible for marketing and communications for the NESU Spring Conference 2019. We keep you guys up to date with what’s going on behind the scenes leading up to the Conference week. So keep your eyes open and follow us on the social medias! We are super excited for the Conference, hope to see you all in Turku!”