What is NESU Conference?

NESU Conference is a week long event offering great opportunities to not only meet new people from different Nordic business schools, but also to update your knowledge and learn more about current business related themes. NESU Conferences are organized biannually and always built around a specific theme. The event includes theme-related lectures and workshops that are organized in co-operation with corporate partners. During the week participants will work on their group work and presentation skills while learning new things from each other as well.
In addition to the interesting day program, conference includes a lot of different evening activities. During the week participants will take part in sits-parties and many more entertaining activities, together with their new friends. On Saturday the fabulous grand gala ends the week. Everyone participating the conference will stay in a shared hotel rooms for the week so you don’t need to worry about the accommodations. The conference fee is 200 euros including the program and accommodation. For non-Finnish participants attending the conference first time the fee is 150 euros.
Experiences from NESU Conferences:


In December 2016 an old NESUit talked me into organizing a 7-day conference for about 60 business students. To this day I don’t know why I agreed, but it was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My first conference was the following 2017 spring conference in Vaasa. I had no idea what to expect, I barely knew anyone, and for the first few hours I felt a little lost.

Expectations grow a little with each conference you participate in, yet every conference I’ve been to has exceeded mine. That’s because the conference group is so welcoming. After those first hours in Vaasa I already felt like an integral part of the group. I haven’t made friends that fast since I was seven years old.

Each conference is different and even though the participants change, the atmosphere of togetherness remains. Everyone always says that the reason we keep participating in conferences is the people there. So at the risk of sounding totally cliche, the reason to participate in a conference again, or for the first time, is the people.

Juuli, President of NESU 2018-2019

The NESU-Conference is the perfect networking event for business students in the nordic country’s. With the day program you get an insight on the how’s and what’s a business might operate on and a different point of view from each conference theme.

The evening program is a good mix of new and familiar activities showing the best and versatile locations the host city has to offer, as well as being the best time for participants to say greet old friends and form new friendships that can last a lifetime.

I’ve been to a handful of network events in my life and I have to say NESU is my most favorite with the mix of getting to know new people and learning about different aspects of each company, the problem they face and what they are offering to the public.
Also each case sets you in a different work group with different people each day and if you’re lucky your solution to the case might grant you and your team the win. The prize could even be a limo ride on Saturday.

The evening program is where the party happens and where I shine the brightest, the event starts on a cabin trip where you have the first chance of getting to know the participants. After the cabin easy nights start and from my experience they are never easy, but always different. I have  been a karaoke DJ to a finish sauna party and drinking from a 300€ bottle of Dom Perignon on my way to Tallin. Those are the moments you will always remember, or be told about the day after.

Daði Björnsson, NESU-Iceland

The Turku Conference Shifting Supply Chain Solutions was magical for me. At the time I applied to the seminar, I knew NESU people and events were fantastic, but I never could have guessed that I would have memories for life.

The days were filled with cases, running around the town, creating odd memes, nicknames and presentations and of course having nights filled with somewhat forgettable fun. However, the cases we worked on together, the games we played together, the laughs and smiles we shared together will forever be unforgettable. Instead of just meeting people around a beer and having a fleeting moment, the conference gave me bonds and friendships I will cherish.

The biggest surprise of the week for me was definitely the number of hungover smiles – I didn’t even know people could smile, being hungover I mean.

Ida Salo, NESU-Probba