NESU Conferences

What is NESU Conference?

NESU Conference is a week long event offering great opportunities to not only meet new people from different Nordic business schools, but also to update your knowledge and learn more about current business related themes. NESU Conferences are organized twice a year and always built around a specific theme. The event includes theme-related lectures and workshops that are organized in co-operation with corporate partners. During the week participants will work on their group work and presentation skills while learning new things from each others as well.

”Day programs are very special opportunities to work with other business students from all stages of studies.”

- Kosti, Lappeenranta University of Technology

In addition to the interesting day program, conferences include a lot of different evening activities. During the week participants will take part in sits-parties, different entertaining activities and finally on Saturday the fabulous grand gala. Everyone participating the Conference is staying in a shared hotel rooms for the week so you don’t need to worry about the accommodations. The conference fee is 200 euros including the program and accommodation. For non-Finnish participants attending a Conference for the first time the fee is 150 euros.

"In the evening programs I really have got to know all the participants of the conferences. With or without overalls you just get the feeling of being a part of the group while participating in different and enjoyable activities. Evening program is perfect counterbalance for the more professional day program and shows you a different side of all the participants."

- Lassi, University of Tampere