nesu spring conference 2020

jyväskylä 9.-15.3.


what is nesu?

Nordiska Ekonomie Studerandes Union (NESU) was founded in the 1950’s to enhance inter-Nordic co-operation between student unions of business schools in the Nordic countries. It’s a non-political non-profit organization aimed for university level business students in the Nordic countries.

can i participate in nesu conference?

If you are a business student from the Nordic countries – yes, you can and you SHOULD!

HOW CAn I apply?

Application period for the Conference starts 13.1. and ends 2.2. You can find all the information related to applying from the Apply-page!

how do you choose participants?

After the application period our team checks every application. Motivation letter is really high value during the evaluation!

When will i know if i am picked as a participant?

Application period ends on Sunday 2.2. and we will pick the participants after that. We send email for every applicant the very next week.

is the application binding?

Yes it is! If you want to make changes after you have applied, make sure that you contact the organizing team before the application period ends.

what happens in nesu conference?

We will have business cases from Tuesday to Friday, where you will learn a lot about the digital marketing. Every evening we will have activities, where you can network and get to know the legendary Finnish Athens – city of Jyväskylä. We will post the precise schedule before the week.

how much participating costs?

The fee for the week is 220 euros. It basically includes everything for the whole week – accommodation, all day and evening programs and the Gala at Saturday. It is totally worth it.  And for non-Finnish participants attending the conference first time the fee is 170 euros.

is the theme of the conference always digital marketing?

The theme of the conference changes every time. You can find themes of the previous conferences from


what kind of accomodation participants have?

Accomodation is on the Omena Hotel from Tuesday to Sunday. From Monday to Tuesday participants will sleep at the Cabin!

why should i participate in nesu conference?

It will be the best week of your life. You get to know a lot of new people from different cities and countries, deepen your knowledge about digital marketing and experience everything what NESU has to offer. It will be a decision, which you will not regret.

how many days nesu conference lasts?

Spring Conference is 9.-15.3.2020. From Monday to Sunday!

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