Welcome to NESU Conference!

The time has come to set eyes on the next NESU Conference organized in Helsinki. NESU Spring Conference 2018 is organized in collaboration with NESU-KY, NESU-SHS and our amazing partners. The Conference week takes place on 19.-25.3.2018 and will be all about learning about service design and getting memories that will last a lifetime, together with people you will never forget. Read more about NESU Conferences here!


Design Thinking in Services

Service design is an interesting and hot topic. The idea behind it is how companies can plan their activities to improve their service compared to their rivals. Service design is a human-centered approach aiming to evolve business more service oriented with effective design and knowledge of desired customer experience. During the conference week the participants will be able to get an overlook in what service design is and how our partner companies manage their service design.


How to get on board?

During the NESU Conference week the participants will enjoy the beautiful city of Helsinki and everything that the capital of Finland has to offer. Conference week is a great chance to get to know our partner companies and students from different business schools in Nordic countries. We will be looking forward to your application during the application period 15.1.-4.2.2018. Don’t hesitate to apply because this is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on! You can check more information about the application process here.